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Heating Installation

All AC and Heating understands that every home or commercial location is unique. Every home is built differently, and every homeowner has unique needs from their heating system. We specialize in the installation of a number of different heating systems, so that you can find the best fit for your home. From radiant floor heating, to a standard furnace; our experienced heating specialists can help you discover the right heating system to fit your needs and budget.  Trust All AC and Heating for your next heating installation.

Our technicians are skilled in the installation and repair of heating units of all makes and models, including:

  • Boilers
  • Water pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Forced air
  • Electric heat pumps
  • Steam heating
  • Radiant floor
  • Electric resistance

Heating for Home, Office, or Industrial

We offer heating installation services for residential, commercial, and industrial locations. Regardless of the size of the building, our experienced technicians will help find the heating system to fit the needs of your home or company. Our experts are skilled in all types of heating installs, including HVAC ducts and vents for central or forced air heating.

New Construction and Existing Homes and Businesses

All AC and Heat, Inc.  installs HVAC in new construction and existing homes and businesses. We install heating and Air conditioning in single family homes or multi unit residential dwellings. We also install and maintain commercial or industrial systems. Regardless of the type of building structure or HVAC unit we are equipped to handle your needs.  You can rely on our 24/7 service and experience.

Heating Repair and Maintenance

Once your Heating and air conditioning has been installed we stand by our commitment. We offer maintenance packages and full service, whenever you need it. Our expert staff is trained to handle all sorts of maintenance issues that may occur with your heating system, from yearly check-ups to larger repairs. All AC and Heating is prepared to help you every step of the way, throughout the entire life of your unit. for more on our repair services, click here.


This method of heating is becoming popular as an effective way of temperature control. It is 100% energy efficient.  With electric resistance heating, heat is transferred to parts of an office/home through supply ducts, and then the air comes back to the furnace through return ducts. The two most common types of these systems are electric baseboard heaters or electric wall heaters.

Baseboard models are ideal in many homes because they allow you to regulate custom temperature in each room. Electric heating elements are inside of metal pipes, which create heat. The tubes have aluminum plating, which assists in the smooth transfer of heat. The pipes run through the baseboard, so they can heat the whole room. These heaters are installed at the bottom of walls that have windows (to combat cold air from window panes), so. protecting this area will help to reduce heat loss.

electric resistance heating repair

Contact Us For Service

All AC and Heat has been serving the community since 1975, so we’ve come across all issues, and nothing surprises us. We promise you will receive nothing but the highest quality heating service NYC has to offer. Contact us for all your Air Conditioner and Heating needs. We will respond to emails as quickly as we can. If the issue is time-sensitive, call us in order to get the help you need quickly. We operate 7 days a week, with 24-hour emergency service. We respond to all inquiries, both large and small.

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