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Central Air Systems for Your Home or Office

Central Air Systems circulate air throughout your home via a system of supply and return ducts. These ducts carry cooled air throughout the home, bringing in cold air. They also can dehumidify the air that flows in; which helps for the especially humid New York Summers. Newer models are more energy efficient, and quieter than older AC units.

Ducts and Vents

Central air systems require HVAC ducts to distribute cold or warm air throughout the home. If your home or commercial building is equipped with ducts, you may want to take full advantage of them with a quality central Air system. If you do not have ducts, they can be installed in most cases. All AC and Heating has experience in all aspects of HVAC duct installation, repair and maintenance. We can ensure that your home’s HVAC ducts are up to par and ready to deliver quality cooled air throughout your home.

Types of Central Air Conditioners

Generally, a central AC system is comprised of a single packaged unit, or is split-system.

Split-system central air systems utilize an outdoor condenser and compressor, while an indoor unit contains the evaporator. On the other hand, a packaged unit contains all 3 of these components, outside or on the roof. Split units are more economical for homes that has a furnace, but not an existing AC unit. Combination package units often include electric heating coils or a furnace; so it acts in place of a furnace in the winter months.

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