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We are a fully licensed AC repair company located in Staten Island. All AC & Heating provides full-service throughout the five boroughs, including Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. We handle it all, and as a result, you get full-service repairs, maintenance, and installations. Regardless of system type, size, and voltage; we can handle any and all issues. For air conditioner repair, contact us today.

As a Leader in Air Conditioning Repair, We Service:

  • Rooftop Packaged Units
  • Indoor Packaged Units
  • Central Air Conditioners (a.k.a. split systems)
  • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners
  • Through the Wall Air Conditioners

Why Choose Us for AC Repair?

1.) We’re punctual. We give clients arrival times, so the location of our technicians will never be a surprise.

2.) Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are happy to serve you 7 days a week. We have 24/7 emergency service.

3.) Our specialists are fully qualified and licensed for all areas of repair and installation of HVAC systems.


Don’t suffer this summer because of faulty air conditioning.  All AC and Heat can help. Let our experts perform your AC repair. We’re fast, and efficient and fair. If your AC can be repaired, we can do it. When you have an air conditioning unit that isn’t working properly call us for air conditioner repair anywhere in the Greater NY area or New Jersey. We service all five boroughs, including Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.

The inside of your air conditioner is complex and intricate. Don’t try to fix it yourself, because you can create more damage. Leave it to All AC and Heat for AC Repair and maintenance.  Four factors can weigh heavily on the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

  1. Overall system design (parts, materials, technology)
  2. Conditions of your location (humidity, dryness, extreme temperatures)
  3. Direct exposure to the sun
  4. Use of individual air conditioning (frequency and intensity of AC use )

Look for visible, telltale signs that your AC needs repair before it must be discarded. Listen for new and unsettling noises. Next check the vents to feel the temperature of the air being blown out, because it might not always be cold. If you notice the electronics are going, like a dimmed or flickering LCD screen, you probably need to have your air conditioner inspected. If water is dripping from your unit, chances are it’s in need of repair.

AC Repair and Replacement

Purchasing and installing a new Air Conditioning System can be problematic. Don’t assume you have to replace your AC unit, when AC repair may be the answer. It is costs less to repair a unit than to replace one. Throughout Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey, we perform professional AC repair. After some quality repair and maintenance, your unit can run like it’s brand new again.

Unfortunately, in some cases, systems do need to be replaced. Our experienced staff can help you with that too. We can help you pick out the right size and type of air conditioner system for your home, business, or industrial building. Let us help you stay cool and comfortable this summer. Call Now!

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Contact Us For Service

All AC and Heat has been serving the community since 1975, so we’ve come across all issues, and nothing surprises us. We promise you will receive nothing but the highest quality heating service NYC has to offer. Contact us for all your Air Conditioner and Heating needs. We will respond to emails as quickly as we can. If the issue is time-sensitive, call us in order to get the help you need quickly. We operate 7 days a week, with 24-hour emergency service. We respond to all inquiries, both large and small.

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