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AC Maintenance

We provide a broad range of HVAC and AC maintenance programs for homes and businesses throughout NYC, including Brooklyn and Staten Island. The only way to extend the life of your AC system, while keeping overall costs of repairs and operation down, is routine AC maintenance. Our team of professional technicians can help properly maintain your units so that they are optimized for maximum efficiency. For top-quality AC maintenance by the experts call us today.


We can clean and or replace the dirty filters and coils that are hidden away in your Air Conditioning system. Keeping these parts clean is essential for the overall performance of your AC unit. As dirt builds in your air conditioning, the buildup creates clogged and broken systems. As part of our standard maintenance program, we will check all lines and vents. We recommend our low-cost AC Maintenance package to keep your AC system in good working order. Keep your AC running efficiently, costing you less money in the long run. Often we can spot problems during maintenance that could save you large more expensive repairs if you let things go. Taking care of minor difficulties early will help you avoid expensive and timely repairs.

Our team of dedicated Air conditioning experts can evaluate and diagnose potential problems in your system, which can significantly allow us to provide you with practical and inexpensive solutions.


  • Checking for seal duct leakage
  • Checking all refrigerant levels
  • Replacing, cleaning, and checking air filters
  • Testing for coolant leakage
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Capturing and removing any/all refrigerant that should not be in the system
  • Tightening and checking belts
  • Checking and then cleaning condenser and evaporator coils
  • Oiling the motors
  • Testing the electronic sequences for control
  • Maintaining electrical terminals

A significant portion of air conditioners will break down due to lack of proper maintenance. Perform regular checks, and you lengthen the life and increase the productivity of your system. It will also allow you to save money. Take care of your AC system and it will keep you comfortable.

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